Local Couple Launches Señor Rio Tequila

Local Arizona Couple Starts Tequila Company senor_rio_tequila.gif

Jonathan Gach and Debbie Medina owners of Jalisco International Imports, Inc. are proudly introducing Señor Rio tequila to Arizona and California. They started working on Señor Rio tequila three years ago after visiting family in Mexico at that time the family shared a 200 year old process of making fine tequila. They brought this to the US market in May 2009 with self-distribution in their home state of Arizona. By the end of 2009 they have partnered with Frank-Lin Spirits and Fine Wines in Arizona and Golden State Beverages in California.

Señor Rio tequila has already received two awards one from the LA Wine and Spirits Competition which is one of the largest most prestigious competitions of its kind for its exquisite packaging and one from the Spirits of Mexico competition presented by The Polished Palate held in San Diego, CA for its exceptional taste of their Blanco. The owners host tequila dinners, seminars and tastings to educate beginners and tequila aficionados.

They also have donated part of their proceeds from each bottle sold to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in honor of Sydelle Gach (Jonathan’s mother) a breast cancer survivor and Rosemary Lynch (Debbie’s Grandmother) in loving Memory. They even have a signature cocktail named “The Pink Bikini” to create breast cancer awareness.

Señor Rio Blanco tequila begins with estate grown 100% blue Weber agaves from the lowlands which creates a spicy yet smooth and flavorful clean finish with notes of citrus.
Señor Rio Reposado rests in French white oak casks for six months which displays a natural sweetness of honey and oak delivering a perfect balance.
Señor Rio Añejo aged for a full two years in French white oak casks enhances its distinguished elegance and marked aroma of the wood, referred to as the “Cognac of Tequilas”.

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