July is for Gin & Tonic

KegWorks, the international retailer of “Tools for Drinking,” is pleased to recognize the return of Gin and Tonic July, a monthlong celebration of the classic cocktail that helps keep you cool in the dog days of summer. 

“For our customers who really love cocktails, choosing a favorite beverage is sometimes like choosing a favorite child. But who can’t agree that an ice-cold Gin and Tonic on a hot July evening is just about as awesome as it gets?” asks David Rivers, KegWorks Founder and President.

The company has long been a standard-bearer on the front lines of the war against inferior cocktails. To that end, they carry a wide range of premium Gin and Tonic ingredients, including several varieties of authentic tonic water that put the sticky, syrupy stuff from the soda gun to shame.

In support of their declaration,KegWorks launched a new website called www.GinAndTonicJuly.com. This site is packed with useful information about the G&T including recipes, food pairings, the history of the cocktail, its place in pop culture, and much more.

“It’s such a simple drink, but it’s also kind of amazing. This website has all kinds of cool stuff on it to help you appreciate the humble Gin and Tonic just a little bit more,” says Rivers.