Jack Daniels Refines No.7 Bottle and Label


According to PRNewswire, The Jack Daniel Distillery announced that it is making refinements to the familiar Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 bottle to accentuate the bottle’s square shoulders and also to simplify the front and side tables. The company has noted that even though the bottle and label have been changed, the whiskey inside remains the same. The bottle will begin shipping this month and will be on most shelves by July.

“Mr. Jack Daniel was proud of the craftsmanship and care that went into his whiskey and wanted a bottle as unique as its smooth, mellow character,” said John Hayes, Senior Vice President, Managing Director Jack Daniel’s. “That’s why in 1895, Jack made the decision to put his whiskey in a square bottle, unlike other whiskeys of his day. He wanted to make sure his whiskey stood out. The refinements today are meant to honor Mr. Jack’s desire that his bottle reflect the distinctive character of the whiskey.”

This is not the first time the bottle and label have been updated. The first refinements go back to when Jack Daniel originally sold his whiskey by the barrel. He then moved from barrel to jug, and from jug to the familiar square bottle. Throughout the years, during Mr. Jack’s day and after, changes were made to the bottle and label: gold medals were added to the side label as they were won, Lynchburg sayings were added and dropped out, and room was made for more information. Over time, several things were added that the label began to look cluttered than it was under Mr. Jack’s watch.

“We think Mr. Jack would be proud of the refinements and how they honor his wish that his Old No.7 whiskey be as distinctive in the bottle as it is in taste,” said Hayes.”