Flavored Vodka Launches: Big Names, Big Flavors

Flavored Vodka Launches: Big Names, Big Flavors

Some of the biggest names in vodka are continuing to launch flavored products that will enable bartenders and mixologists to create even more innovative, exciting cocktail experiences for their customers.


ABSOLUT® VODKA recently debuted ABSOLUT® BERRI AÇAÍ, the eleventh distinct and innovative flavor to join the Absolut Vodka portfolio. Absolut Berri Açaí is a blend of açai, blueberry and pomegranate flavors, offering consumers exceptional cocktail experiences and retailers and on-premise operators a fashionable new Absolut flavor to boost their sales and their bottom line.

Absolut Berri Açaí is a pioneering vodka with a tangy and ripe berry-flavor that is smooth and fresh with a natural sweetness. Its taste draws upon the characters of three of today’s most popular berry flavors – açaí, blueberry and pomegranate. Absolut Berri Açaí creates exceptional cocktails when combined with anything from juices and sodas to muddled fruit and champagne. Absolut Berri Açaí is made from all-natural ingredients, and contains no sugar and no added preservatives.

To best promote the new product, table tents, zester sets, posters and coasters will announce Absolut Berri Açaí to customers at on-premise establishments. Sampling events (where legal) will feature signature cocktails such as the Absolut Berri Açaí Sour, made with Absolut Berri Açaí, simple syrup and fresh lemon juice squeezed using the Absolut zester.


SKYY Vodka® recently released the latest addition to its All Natural SKYY Infusions® line – fresh, sweet Ginger. All Natural SKYY Infusions Ginger is the first nationally available Ginger infused vodka, joining the All Natural SKYY Infusions portfolio of Citrus, Cherry, Passion Fruit, Raspberry, Grape and Pineapple. Skyy Infusions Ginger is crafted using a signature infusion process, where premium vodka is carefully infused with real ginger.

Tasting reveals flavors of spiced and juiced ginger, roasted oranges and mild notes of cinnamon. The flavor profile is reminiscent of handmade ginger ale, yet with a more intricate aroma and taste. Ginger beverages from ginger ale to ginger beer are posting impressive growth in popularity, evidence that consumers’ passions for this intriguing flavor are steadily on the rise.

“Mixologists and chefs alike have embraced Ginger as the hot new ingredient, many making their own Ginger syrups and extracts to add an exotic, yet sophisticated taste to new creations and old favorites,” said Andrea Conzonato, Chief Marketing Officer, Skyy Spirits. “Recognizing this trend, we developed All Natural Skyy Infusions Ginger, which gives any bartender the opportunity to easily add Ginger to any cocktail.”

Mixologists and bartenders at restaurants and bars around the country have already embraced Skyy Infusions Ginger, integrating the infused spirit into both classic and contemporary cocktails. Skyy Infusions Ginger is a highly versatile flavor that can be mixed with fresh juices for a stylish, yet enticingly exotic cocktail.

ciroc_red_berry_vodka.jpgCîROC Ultra Premium Vodka has debuted the brand’s first ever line extension – CîROC RED BERRY and CÎROC COCONUT. Cîroc Red Berry is infused with a unique balance of fresh wild raspberry and luscious ripe strawberry essences, while Cîroc Coconut is infused with sweet and creamy coconut and a hint of other tropical fruit.

“I spent a considerable amount of time working with Cîroc liquid specialists to create two bold and unexpected flavors,” said Sean Combs, who entered into a strategic marketing alliance with the ultra-premium spirit more than two years ago. “We set out to produce flavors that have an amazing taste profile smooth enough to mix in any cocktail or to sip straight on the rocks.”

Like original Cîroc vodka, the new flavors are made using fine French grapes that are cold fermented (not unlike fine wines) and distilled five times. The final distillation uses a traditional copper pot-still, a process normally reserved for the creation of fine whiskey or brandy. The vodka is then carefully blended with all-natural ingredients to create an exceptionally smooth new liquid.

360_vodka_flavors.jpg360 Vodka, the world’s first eco-friendly vodka, has introduced two exciting new flavors to bar rails across America: 360 Cola and 360 Double Chocolate. 360 Cola boasts that unmistakable sweet and spicy taste of old-fashioned cola, never before available in a vodka. And for those who like to sip dangerously, the 360 Double Chocolate deep, rich, creamy chocolate flavor.

Already a big hit with consumers, 360 Double Chocolate has been receiving rave reviews in tastings across the country. Professional mixologist and 360 Vodka Brand Ambassador, Graham Kimura, has created several cocktail recipes that deliciously express the unique taste and versatility of these two new flavors.

Like the original 360 Vodka, 360 Cola and 360 Double Chocolate are designed to leave the smallest footprint on earth. 360 Vodka is crafted in the country’s most energy efficient distillery in Weston, Missouri, and uses 85% recycled glass bottles and 100% recycled paper labels printed with water-based inks.

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