Capton Introduces New All-Digital Pour Spout

Final Element in Comprehensive Upgrade of Beverage Tracking Solution for the Data-Driven Beverage Operation

 Capton today announced the general availability of its new all-digital pour spout, the most advanced beverage data collection device in the industry.

“The new all-digital spout is the final element in the comprehensive upgrade of our beverage tracking solution. Now with our cutting-edge hardware and software, backed by 24×7 monitoring services and support, Capton has a uniquely powerful platform to help beverage managers monitor operations, derive meaningful insights, and take action to reduce liquor costs,” commented Capton CEO Norm Williams.

The New Spout: Digital. Reliable. Guaranteed.

Capton’s new, all-digital beverage data collector is the most advanced in the industry—housed within a classic-looking package that features 73% smaller electronics, compared to the previous model, wrapped around an industry-standard tapered metal pour spout, so bar staff won’t need to modify their pour methods or counts. A digital engage switch overcomes the number one reason for spout data collection failure. And a digital tilt sensor provides accurate measurement regardless of pour angle. The spout is totally modular, and designed to disassemble in seconds for easy cleaning and replacement of nozzles and corks. Using proprietary power management technology, the spout sips power, for the longest battery life in the industry. The new spout is backed with a two-year warranty. If a spout fails for any reason within two years of purchase, Capton will replace it for free.

As a developer of free-pour liquor monitoring solutions, Capton is committed to helping its customers maximize profitability by harnessing and analyzing operational and financial data—without sacrificing the customer experience or adding a burden to the bartender. Its beverage management solutions debuted in 2006 and are currently installed in over 90 leading hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, nightclubs and bars across the United States. For more information about Capton, visit