Alchemy Marketing

alchemy-marketing-logo.jpgAlchemy Marketing for Your Venue

Alchemy Marketing is a complete marketing, advertising, and consulting company that prides itself on coming out with new and creative ways to drive business and generate attention for the hospitality industry. Whether it is helping a local bar figure out an effective promotional strategy or working with a new venue to meet their maximum potential, we are here.

Initially founded in 2005, Alchemy Marketing began as a local graphic design and printing company that catered to the bar and nightlife industry; creating flyers and advertisements for their promotions. It has since progressed to a national level including coordinating campaigns and large-scale events such as, Indashio’s New York Fall Fashion week 2010 and the LA Sunset Tan’s Miss NJ Pageant. It is thanks to large events like these that we have received so much attention.

Taking the time to look into the event and figure out what can make it better, finding the perfect venue and then linking it with the best sponsors possible has lead to some truly amazing events. It is our personal attention to detail and our ability to merge venue, sponsor and occasion that separate Alchemy Marketing from your traditional “event planner”.

Whether you are a venue looking for an event, a sponsor looking for exposure, have an event that you need help putting together, or just want some fresh ideas Alchemy Marketing is waiting for your call.

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