RumChata Soaring Socially

The RumChata YouTube Channel recently passed 10 million views of its proprietary content. The young brand’s social media strategy has played a key role in its success by helping build a virtual recipe sharing community and keep a perpetual conversation going about RumChata.

“We recognized very early on that when people discover the great taste of RumChata, they want to tell everyone about it through social media,” said Charlie Maas, RumChata global branding officer. “Our fans love to share their own creations and learn about new ones, especially on Facebook.”

In March of 2014, RumChata began presenting the most popular recipes through a series of in-house produced YouTube videos. In just the past four months the RumChata recipe videos have generated more than 6 million views, with the extremely popular RumChata Pumpkin Pie Martini receiving more than a million views on its own. Total views for the entire channel are over 10 million and growing.

“With the help of RumChata, it’s easy to create amazing cocktails,” added Maas. “We want to show people that with the right ingredients and about a minutes worth of their time, they can make all these fantastic creations right at home.”