Post-Turkey Day Detox with Dirty Lemon

Thanksgiving is just three days away, kicking off a month of eating, drinking and full on indulging. Once the feast is over, instead of feeling guilty, why not reset and cleanse without any of the hassle?
Dirty Lemon Detox helps you indulge this holiday season without all of the guilt. Dirty Lemon Detox is a mixture of pure, cold-pressed lemon juice, dandelion extract, ginger root extract, activated charcoal, and filtered water – that’s it. Lemon juice is proven to cleanse your system and helps alkalize the body, activated charcoal absorbs thousands of times its own volume in toxins, while ginger and dandelion root aid the body’s natural digestive process. The ingredients in Dirty Lemon Detox work together to cleanse your system without any changes to your diet. It’s the daily cleanse that suits your life!
Dirty Lemon Raw Detox is:
· All Natural & Made in the USA
· Cold-pressed & Raw with the finest non-GMO lemons
· Vegan & Gluten-Free
· Never heated, never pasteurized
· 100% organic herbs
· Pharmaceutical grade activated charcoal from sustainably harvested coconut shells