Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Installs Takeout Technology

Restaurant Revolution Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar implemented RRT’s patent-pending takeout order processing and management solutions at all locations. RRT now processes and manages each location’s takeout orders, from customer initiation, through order pick-up, thus driving a more focused and pleasant experience for Lazy Dog guests who order takeout via phone, online or by mobile device. RRT’s restaurant specific order management technology solutions have delivered significant increases in takeout revenues, reduced operating costs, and an improved guest experience, providing its clients with a positive ROI.
“We highly value the experience of all of our guests, whether they dine-in or takeout, and RRT has a unique and distinguished track record of service excellence,” said Roshan Mendis, VP of Operations at Lazy Dog. “Lazy Dog is focused on doing whatever we can do to provide the highest levels of service to our guests and the combination of RRT’s “hi-tech plus hi-touch”, fully integrated approach is exactly what we were looking for.”

RRT’s solution empowers Lazy Dog local restaurant management in forging long-term relationships and stronger brand loyalty with their takeout guests by instituting a supreme level of takeout order management and processing without sacrificing their already high-level of in-store customer service. The implementation began in late 2014 with a weekly roll-out to individual locations to ensure a seamless implementation and transition for Lazy Dog employees, management and guests.
“We are thrilled that Lazy Dog selected RRT as their partner to help them to significantly enhance the service provided to their takeout customers,” said David Schofield, CEO at RRT. “Lazy Dog is a highly respected and growing group of restaurants with a strong commitment to providing high quality handcrafted food and small town hospitality to their guests. Lazy Dog operations, menu, training and service dedication are all very impressive and it’s the type of restaurant client that our service distinction matches with extraordinarily well. Our partnership allows Lazy Dog to capitalize on our capabilities and operational expertise using innovative technology to address takeout order processing and management and we look forward to continuing to deliver short as well as long term value to Lazy Dog and their guests.”