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data security

How to Safeguard Your Bar Against Cyber Attacks

We all remember the time period when Chipotle repeatedly had one monumental security breach after another. However, data breaches can happen to big chains...
inclusive workplace

7 Ways to Create an Inclusive Workplace

By Andi Simon, Ph.D., author of Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business and a corporate anthropologist and founder of Simon Associates Management...
Barventory inventory management

Barventory Launches Suite of Patent-Pending Products to the Marketplace

Barventory recently introduced its patent-pending Keg Scale, Bar Top Scale, and its introductory software package to the North American hospitality industry; converting legacy inventory management...
menu changes

Technology & Creativity Transform Menus

For many bars and restaurants, menu changes happen seasonally, but COVID-19 has become its own season—necessitating changes by the week, day, or even hour...