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staff turnover

High Turnover Doesn’t Mean Low Expectations

It’s no secret that businesses in the hospitality trade tend to have high staff turnover. Bars and restaurants all over the world lose and...
District Tap TV entertainment

District Tap Sports Bar Simplifies 4K Video Distribution

When the owners of the District Tap sports bar in Indianapolis decided to open a second location in the city’s downtown area, they identified...
Viridian bar Oakland William Tsui

Bar Tour: Viridian

Viridian is the fulfillment of Co-Owner and Bar Director William Tsui’s six-year dream of ownership. Together with his team of Co-Owners Raymond Gee and...
todd collins social media

Navigating the Social Media Seas in 2020

This year has been an immense challenge for the bar and restaurant industry. From forced shutdowns, to reopens, to shutdowns again. Bars and restaurants not...