Chauvet True California Brandy Holiday Release

The cool fall temperatures and rain in Sonoma this week made us want to snuggle up in front of a fire with some alluring brandy. What a perfect time for the release of the newest micro-craft spirit, CHAUVET, True California Brandy. Three unique expressions of what California brandy can be. Elegant and complex with a depth of pallet and inner warmth. This is “True California brandy” and embodies what brandy and cognacs should be.

CHAUVET XO, VS and Grand Orange are produced from local grapes grown, distilled, matured and bottled in California. Each bottle comes from a single barrel and has the barrel, bottle number, bottling date and other characteristics hand written on each bottle along with the distiller’s signature of approval. The elegant packaging includes a handsome thick bottle, wooden closure, stamped metal bear flag label and signed wrap around label.

CHAUVET XO True California Brandy
Distilled from California grown French Colombard grapes and aged for 5 years in French Limousin oak barrels before being transferred into charred American oak Bourbon barrels for two additional years. The combination of grape and unique barreling program produced a Brandy that resembles a Bourbon. CHAUVET XO is bigger and more robust than traditional brandies with earth, spice, smoke and leather that finishes with a subtle fruit sweetness. $65 750ml 80 proof.

CHAUVET VS True California Brandy
Younger more approachable than the XO. CHAUVET VS is produced from the same California grown and distilled Colombard grapes and aged for two years in French oak barrels before being finished in retired Pinot Noir barrels. CHAUVET VS Drinks more like a cognac and features pear and apple layers and notes of chocolate and caramel. The VS is soft and vibrant with a balanced fruit forward sweetness. $45 750ml 80 proof.

CHAUVET GO True California Brandy
Our Grand Orange Brandy Liqueur starts with the same VS aged brandy, then we add California sweet naval orange peels to the barrel during aging. CHAUVET GO has a powerful orange nose.  The intense orange is well balanced with the subtle sweetness. The spice, caramel and fruit flavors of the underlying brandy emerge from behind the orange essence. Similar to Grand Marnier or Cointreau without the intense sweetness, CHAUVET GO is a balanced and refined orange brandy. $40 750ml 70 proof.
Try and Buy
Sound delicious? Stop by our distillery and try out our three new CHAUVET True California Brandies. Check out our Holiday Calendar for dates that we are open for tastings and sales. Can’t stop by?  You can order CHAUVET brandy and other spirited products at our online store.

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