Egan’s Irish Whiskey has partnered with BevBiz Marketing to launch in Chicago, Boston, New York, and California. BevBiz Marketing, a full-service agency specializing in streamlined, custom solutions for beverage brands looking to succeed in the U.S. market, was selected by P&H Egan Ltd to head distributor management, local sales, trade and consumer public relations, social media marketing and other marketing communications for Egan’s Irish Whiskey. Representing 160 years of family heritage, P&H Egan is reviving the historic brand with its first expression, the charismatic, Egan’s 10-year-old Single Malt.
“BevBiz Marketing’s experience in the beverage industry and proficiency in bringing new brands to market made partnering with BevBiz the right decision,” said John Ralph, CEO of P&H Egan USA. “The BevBiz team has hit the ground running, helping us secure critical distributor and trade relationships while setting the wheels in motion for a successful launch and subsequent expansion. We are confident that Egan’s Irish Whiskey will enjoy great success in the U.S. market and BevBiz Marketing will help us get there.”
Following the launch, BevBiz will continue to work closely with Egan’s to drive sales and increase trade and consumer awareness and engagement to make Egan’s top of mind in an incredibly competitive category. While the whiskey category has emerged as one of the fastest-growing, premium spirits category in the world, BevBiz believes that Egan’s positioning within the emergent, super-premium Irish single malt category is what sets it apart from the growing competition.
“Bringing a product into the competitive U.S. market can be a real challenge for new and emerging brands,” said Jeff Grindrod, founder of BevBiz marketing. “BevBiz has created a formula for success, which utilizes our three areas of focus: BevHatch Brand Incubation and Development; BevComm Consumer Marketing; and BevTrade Business-to-Business Marketing. It is incredibly rewarding to partner with Egan’s throughout the process from strategy development and brand launch to market expansion. Our team has the knowledge, experience and energy to make it happen for Egan’s and other beverage brands looking to thrive in this dynamic market.”
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