Seltzy debuts from Jackson Hole’s Roadhouse Brewing Co

Roadhouse Brewing Co. debuts Seltzy, a new line of 4% ABV handcrafted hard seltzers that seeks to deliver the brand’s passion for craft beverages, thirst for adventure, and reverence for its natural surroundings with each sip. Formulated for life at the base of the Tetons and beyond, Seltzy is offered in three unique, artisanal flavors: Kicked Back: Cucumber-Lychee, The Crush: Huckleberry-Lingonberry, and The Chill: Ginger-Lime.

Seltzy Roadhouse Brewing Co.“Seltzy is a culmination of over a year of test batches, sensory panels, and experimentation” states Roadhouse Brewmaster, Max Shafer. “The result is an all-natural beverage with balanced fruit profiles that’s extremely crisp, dry and elevated by generous thirst-quenching effervescence.”

Created with Teton water, zero carbs, zero gluten, no added sugar and only 90 calories, each can delivers a purity of flavor that’s right at home in the great wide open. Roadhouse Co-Founder Colby Cox notes: “True to our passion for craft, Seltzy represents a product we seek to drink and share with those who embrace quality and the simple pleasures in life. While we chose bold flavors, we worked tirelessly to ensure they remained in balance in the same fashion we approach our beers.”

“We’re continually thinking about the intersection of the craft and culinary worlds” adds Gavin Fine, Roadhouse Co-Founder and Fine Dining Restaurant Group Owner. “Seltzy presents a new and unique opportunity for us to explore not only distinct flavor combinations, but ways to creatively complement this product offering via mixology using Seltzy as the base.”

While imbibers will find mixed cocktail suggestions on each product such as Kicked Back’s callout to combining hot sauce, cucumber, simple syrup and a neutral spirit with the cucumber lychee Seltzy, Shafer concludes “You’ll find our favorite way to enjoy Seltzy is straight from the can. So whether one is relaxing on a Sunday afternoon or drinking up after a day on the slopes, how one sips Seltzy is uniquely their own choice – and we wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Seltzy will be available in mixed 12 packs throughout Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Montana.