Tecate Invites Fans to “Claim Your Corner”

Tecate® is pleased to announce “Claim Your Corner”, a retail promotion running July 1st through August 31st, leading up to the championship boxing bout between the #1 fighter in the world, “Golden Boy” Canelo Alvarez, and his opponent, the quickly rising, undefeated Gennady “GGG” Golovkin.

The on- and off-premise promotion captures all the excitement of the ultimate showdown as it engages boxing fans and beer drinkers nationwide. Through specially marked packages merchandised with impactful POS, consumers receive a code giving them a chance to win Tecate® swag and boxing gear, as well as tickets to the ultimate boxing experience at the main event. The fight is scheduled for Mexican Independence Day, September 16th.

“Passion for boxing comes together with passion for Tecate® to make this a truly unique and exciting program for the retailers who support it and the consumers who participate,” says Gustavo Guerra, Brand Director of Tecate. “With Tecate® Light the fastest growing light beer brand in the U.S. amongst beers in its category, the expectation and anticipation is sky high!”

The promotion is designed to generate consideration and engagement amongst the primary Tecate® consumer, Hispanic beer drinkers. One-third of boxing’s avid fan base is Hispanic, Hispanics watch boxing two-times more than the average consumer1, and Hispanics purchase pay-per-view fights four-times more versus the rest of the population.1 What’s more, Tecate® consumers are over 20% more likely to watch boxing versus the leading domestic brand.

The viewership and attention these fights attract, and Tecate®’s association with the sport, have had a tremendous impact on consumer engagement and Tecate® sales. “The fights and the passionate fans who support them, have expanded share of voice, trial and awareness as both Tecate® Roja and Tecate® Light continue to launch nationally,” continued Guerra.

Boxing fans and Tecate® drinkers who participate in the promotion enjoy an enhanced beer drinking experience in the runup to and during the title bout on September 16th. “Claim Your Corner” indulges passion for the sport and serves up a chance to win great prizes, including a once-in-a-lifetime trip to ringside. And retailers can align with a winner even before the opening bell. Mexican imports drove 93% of Import Beer segment growth, and Tecate® delivers the highest percentage lift when promoted within the Domestic Premium segment. Further, the Tecate® primary target, Hispanic shoppers, make 6% more trips to the store versus the average beer shopper. The combination of high and frequent store traffic, enhanced shopper interest driven by impactful POS, displays and prizes, make for a unique retail sales and profit opportunity.

“Claim Your Corner” is a fully integrated marketing program that works at multiple levels to drive consumer engagement and retail sales. Consumer advertising, with a heavy focus on video featuring Sylvester Stallone, will drive awareness, expand reach, and maximize impact. Digital and social media with posts from Tecate®, Golden Boy Canelo, and The Chicas will share exclusive content to drive excitement and anticipation. The proprietary Bold Punch app will deliver the latest boxing info, exclusive videos, fighters’ bios and stats, and tips on how to watch the upcoming fight.

At retail, eye-catching POS and special fight thematic packaging will be used to secure in-store features and displays; in-store sampling will drive consumer trial; and direct participation in the sweepstakes through the TECATE.COM site. Cross-merchandising partnerships with Barcel®, Big Red®, and Pernod Ricard®, as well as on-demand delivery services, will help drive sales for the At-Home viewing occasion. On-premise, Tecate® will host bar takeovers with all things red and blue. From corner-specific swag, to dual-sided coasters, consumers can show their pride and passion by representing their color. “With high-reach traditional and social media and channel-specific activation, ‘Claim Your Corner’ covers all corners,” said Guerra.