From the heart of the maguey, and the soul of the village, Del Maguey Single Village™ Mezcal presents a new arrival to its Special Cask Finish Series, Del Maguey Mina Group Blend, released in the USA exclusively for Mina Group, a San Francisco-based restaurant management company led by James Beard award-winning Chef and Owner Michael Mina. Just 450 bottles of the Single Village ™ Mezcal micro-expression were created and will be available exclusively in Mina Group’s 20 restaurants nationwide.

With many inspirations from fine friends along the way, this partnership continues to build upon Del Maguey founder Ron Cooper’s very first Special Cask Finish experiment in 2007, created for Park Avenue Liquor in New York City, NY.

“The Del Maguey Special Cask Finish Series is the result of our passion for experimentation, bringing new flavor experiences to the world,” says Ron. “Michael Mina is always seeking out innovative ways to bring harmony and balance into his life, and into his restaurants.”

Using Jarnac French Oak, this original Special Cask Finish liquid surprises up-front with the soft tannins of a Napa cabernet sauvignon coming through from its time in the barrel, and lemon and tangerine on the palate. French oak tones carry through to the finish with notes of sweet, smoky cranberry.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to taste what you could call Single Village, Single Cask Mezcal, which to my knowledge, is something that had never been imagined before Ron decided to create experimental aging at Del Maguey" said Steve Olson, aka wine geek, collaborator on the Del Maguey Mina Group Blend.

This release is the latest evolution of Mina Group’s forward-thinking beverage program, which has made their own batches of Willett Bourbon and labels of Iron Horse wines in past years.

“We’re very excited to offer more and more private labels in our restaurants and bars across the country,” stated Mina Group beverage director, Daniel Grajewski.  “We are Mezcal fanatics and we’re finding our guests are fans of unique, smoky spirit as well.” Mina Group currently offers a Mezcal Last Word, a take on the classic Gin cocktail, as well as a Mezcal-rita with a spiced salt rim.

The Special Cask Finish Single Village Mezcal will be available in Mina Group restaurants across the country beginning August 1. Guests are encouraged to contact their local Mina Group restaurant for exact date of availability. Restaurants will offer a new Mezcal service in honor of the release.

When you see our beautiful green bottles you know its Del Maguey.

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