Ragin' Cajuns Genuine Louisiana Ale now on shelves

The wait is over.

Ragin’ Cajuns™ Genuine Louisiana Ale is now available in bottles.

Kody Thompson, marketing manager for Schilling Distributing Company Inc., said demand has been high since the craft beer – on draft – was introduced in September. It sold out at the Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns first home football game, for instance.

“We’ve only delivered bottles one day so far,” Thompson said Wednesday afternoon. “Yesterday we went to 45 accounts and sold 380 cases. We’re going to double that today.”

Ragin’ Cajuns™ Genuine Louisiana Ale was developed by Bayou Teche Brewing of Arnaudville, La., in partnership with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. It was inspired by rice, a staple ingredient grown in Louisiana. It’s intended to complement tailgating foods and has a crisp taste.

Thompson said the easiest way to determine where Ragin’ Cajuns™ Genuine Louisiana Ale is sold is to download Schilling Distributing’s smartphone app, “LiquidFinder.” The app is available at the App Store and Google Play.

“It’s free. Go to the app and search ‘Ragin.’ We update it every morning. It will tell you everywhere to go (to buy the new beer).”

Thompson said the new beer “will be available at a lot of places. We will definitely have it in most of the big chains and independent stores by the weekend. They’re ready to roll with it.”

The introduction of Ragin’ Cajuns™ Genuine Louisiana Ale has been exceptional, he added.

“This is definitely above and beyond the typical rollout for us, especially for a craft beer. It’s the first time we’ve done something locally like this, where we’re the first one coming out with it.”

Karlos Knott, president of Bayou Teche Brewing, said it takes four weeks to brew a batch of Ragin’ Cajuns™ Genuine Louisiana Ale because it’s fermented and aged at low temperature. That’s longer than it takes to produce many other craft beers.

He predicted that the bottled version will soon be available throughout south Louisiana.

Part of the proceeds of the new craft beer’s sales will be used to support the University’s academic, research and athletics programs.

Photo by Doug Dugas/University of Louisiana at Lafayette

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