RumChata CEO Takes Center Stage at NCB

Ever wondered what it takes to build your own brand? Well, on March 27th, you will have to wonder no more as RumChata Founder, CEO and Master Blender Thomas Maas takes the stage as one of Nightclub & Bar 2017’s keynote speakers. Each year multiple keynote speakers for NCB are chosen that play an integral part of the bar, beverage and nightlife world. These leading industry experts share tips, secrets, challenges and successes to help inspire and propel your business to the next level, and this year is no different. 

In RumChata Diaries: The Making Of An American Success Story—which, honestly, sounds like the most amazing title for a future one-man show—Maas will share his personal story and journey of creating the RumChata formula in his kitchen, and the trials of starting a brand truly from scratch. 

His expertise in the industry dates back more than 49 years, when his love for the distilled spirits industry began as an 11-year-old traveling the world learning about the business from his father. He will detail what he has learned from the startup experience and lessons that he can impart to anyone else who is looking to become a successful entrepreneur. From how to get your project financed to marketing your brand with very little money, and even getting your product produced and into the market, Tom is sure to leave a mark with this true American success story.

Keynote speeches are always included in the price of all NCB registration passes. For the full line-up of speakers and subjects at Nightclub & Bar Show 2017, visit


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