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Pennsylvania licensed alcohol education school Aqua Vitae Institute has introduced The Cocktail Laboratory and Team Building. The Cocktail Laboratory is a one-stop cocktail learning experience, either at Aqua Vitae Institute’s 3-story-3300 square foot venue or at preferred venue with a skilled bartender equipped to make the event successful. The Cocktail Laboratory is a personalized experience where guests can choose what type of cocktails they wish to learn and then taste high quality, in-house constructed ingredients that are not easy to make including: infusions, carbonated jello spheres, dry-ice concoctions and much more. “The reason that I love our Cocktail Laboratory and Team Building offerings is because in just a couple hours, we revolutionize the way people think about drinking and elevate the cocktail to the same way they’d think about fine dining,” says Aqua Vitae Institute President Ariela Yankelewitz. “Some of the ingredients our bar leaders use take days if not weeks of preparation before they can be served here.” Team Building at Aqua Vitae Institute is another addition which simulates the pressure of working as a bartender and magnifies it. “Many people don’t realize that bartenders operate under extreme working conditions and are charged with always putting a smile on there face,” says Ori Geshury, Director of Sales at Aqua Vitae Institute. At the core of Team Building Events are cooperative games in a small, crowded and loud, space where people have to communicate under extreme conditions of stress to accomplish a goal. One such simulation is playing loud music while five people are tasked with cooperating to create a cocktail. The Cocktail Laboratory starts at $79 per person with a minimum cost of $250.00 for the two-hour event. Team Building offerings range widely in price depending on the type of event and duration. 

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