The Cities Project by Heineken Partners with the Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour

During Summer 2017, The Cities Project™ by Heineken® is partnering with the Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour – helping fund incredible projects across the country while awarding consumers tickets to the season’s hottest music tour!

The Cities Project™ by Heineken® helps bring to life ideas that make great cities even greater. This summer, consumers who donate to one of 11 locally relevant Indiegogo campaigns across the country will receive concert tickets to the tour of the summer.

The Cities Project™ by Heineken® and the Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour will leverage the excitement of this summer-long concert series as a catalyst to funding projects that give back generously to American cities from New York to Los Angeles to Waikiki, and many in between.

“We are excited to be partnering with the Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour, which will be not only the biggest of the year, but hugely relevant to our millennial target audience,” commented Katharine Preville, Brand Manager, Heineken. “Millennials are generous with their charitable donations, and nine in 10 would switch brands to one with a cause. Combine this with the fact that 60% of Millennials consider Heineken for their next purchase (+28% higher than Imports average), and Heineken shoppers spend and shop +16% more than the average beer drinker, the proposition is a homerun. Bruno Mars is as hot as it gets,” continued Preville. “Our target consumer relates to his heritage and to his music.”

Getting behind the biggest concert tour in 2017, The Cities Project™ by Heineken® and the Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour invites consumers to text CITIES to 88500 and get a direct link to the project’s custom Indiegogo partner page. From there they can check out the Heineken curated projects, select a concert in any city, donate to a project of their choice, and receive tickets while supplies last to one of the blockbuster Bruno Mars concerts.

The integrated program’s music component will drive consumer excitement; its community and philanthropic platform will drive consumer engagement; and the association with Indiegogo, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and the Navy Seals Legacy Foundation will drive local relevance. Where a single donation leads to a must-see concert experience in one of 43 cities, the program will be activated nationwide and will include 11 projects throughout the U.S. The program will be supported at retail and on-premise with impactful POS materials and a simple text-donate-get opportunity to attract more valuable shoppers, drive conversion, and maximize basket ring and check average.

Several key industry and demographic statistics support the rationale and power of the program which is targeted to millennial beer drinkers, 36% of whom say they’ll spend the most this summer on food/beverage[1], and who spend $12.5 BN on alcohol during the summer1. Additionally, 78% would choose to spend money on desirable experiences[2], 80% attended a variety of live experiences in the past year (parties, concerts, festivals)2, and 75% of Americans in general say they engage in charitable giving.[3] Further, summer represents nearly 36% of total beer category sales[4], summer holidays are amongst the top 10 largest beer selling weeks of the year4, and special seasonally-relevant events represent 65% of beer consumption.[5]

“Multiple constituents stand to benefit from this program,” added Preville. “The 11 funds throughout the U.S., and consumers and the retailers who support the effort, will be rewarded for their participation. With tickets to the Bruno Mars 24K Magic World Tour and a donation toward community improvement, it’s a win-win. In fact, retailers that have leveraged passion projects to support their communities have seen a +7% sales lift, delivering higher dollars while appealing to more valuable shoppers during multiple summer drinking occasions. We think there’s something for everyone with this program.”

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