2017 Nightclub & Bar Convention & Tradeshow Hosts Fourth Annual Shake It Up Competition

For the fourth year, Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show has partnered with the United States Bartender’s Guild to host the Shake It Up Classic and Flair competitions, hosted on Tuesday, March 28 from 1 to 5 p.m.

Mixologists from across the United States will travel to Las Vegas to compete for the chance to represent the United States at the World Cocktail Competition later this year.
Attendees will have the opportunity to witness these expert mixologists as they are challenged to concoct new and innovative cocktails in front of a panel of judges made up of top industry leaders.
The afternoon will feature two competitions; the Classic Competition, which will test each mixologist’s ability to create a premium cocktail with the ingredients provided; and the Flair Competition, which will test each competitor on their ability to entertain guests with a variety of tricks while creating the perfect cocktail.
Classic Competitors include:
·         Giancarlo Aversa, Greater Detroit
·         Jarmel Doss, Chicago
·         Jonathan B. Howard, Nashville
·         David Martinez, Greater Detroit
·         Conor McDermott, Denver
·         Justin Park, Hawaii
·         Egor Polonskiy, Chicago
·         Ryan Puckett, Indianapolis
·         Eli Sanchez, Indianapolis
·         Nathaniel Smith, Minneapolis – St. Paul
Fair Competitors Include:
·         Ryan Clark, Las Vegas
·         Rodrigo Delpech, Las Vegas
·         Mariano Gil, Houston
·         Colby Ashton Good, Las Vegas
·         Michael Guzman, Las Vegas
·         Will Isaza, Boston
·         Ram Ong, Miami
·         Danilo Oribe, Las Vegas
·         Luis Ortiz, Las Vegas
·         Hector Rangel Marquez, Houston

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